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Gem Module Ford Ranger

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:50 am
Post subject: Gem Module Ford Ranger

http://Ford-Mercury.autoforumz.com/01-Ranger-4x4-Control-Module-ftopict95061.html ('01 Ranger 4x4 Control Module?)
Anyone have any experience with the transfer case control module going in a Ranger? This is my 3rd Ranger, and this is a first. I've had the truck a year and a half, no problems until a few days ago. In cold weather, the truck won't go into 4WD. And this can be mildly cold weather -- as warm as 4..
Can the box be opened? I would look for cracked solder joints on a circuit board, especially on the relay connections.
It probably can, but I'm not inclined to do so if the part is the correct one I just ordered from the local Ford dealership. He called it a "transfer case changeover relay" and priced it under $50.0..
I've got the exact same problem (exact same symptoms) with my 2001 Mazda B3000. 4x4 control module is Ford part# 1LS4-7H417-AC. Been working on it for the last week or so. Dealer says $145, junkyar..
So thats why they got rid of lever activated transfer cases - so they make a bunch of money when the crappy electromechanical stuff breaks. --

http://Ford-Mercury.autoforumz.com/90-ford-ranger-ftopict216987.html (90 ford ranger)
my friend has a 90 ford ranger 2.3l stick shift, the probelm when he goes to start it in the morning it will crank but not start. but when he gets a push it will start, then after that he has no probelm starting the truck until the next morning when he;s got to have another push to start it. thi..
@storefull-3116.bay.webtv.net: I would venture to guess his fuel pump is draining back or a injector is leaking down. Have him try turning on the key for about 10 seconds then off then on for 10 ..
What's missing when it won't start? Spark Fuel pressure Injector pulse Compression The ignition module has separate start and run circuits, not saying it's the module (for swapnostics sake) but the..
i usually start at check battery voltage when cranking ,it should be staying above 10 volts when cranking . battery going bad, dirty cable ends,bad starter can get you low voltage when cranking . ,..
What is the condition of the battery & starter ? After sitting overnight, does the engine crank over slowly (starter has a tough time overcoming the compression strokes).

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